Unite – Create – Give – Elevate

“Opportunities multiple as they are seized.” THOMAS J. WATSON SR.

Each day Thomas J. Watson’s quote motivates me, pushes me to give, the best of myself.
Curiosity – Journey – Team Spirit – Positivism – Empathy
Dare – Give – Courage – Friendship – Love

Do you seek to unite and offer your team a unique and stimulating creative activity, one that will leave a lasting and memorable impression?

Would you like to make a difference while offering an exclusive experience with a professional visual artist?

My mission is to use the power of creativity to inspire and mobilize as many people as possible. The power of creativity goes beyond the visual arts industry. My creative corporate workshops are specially designed for businesses that take risks, and who dare to make a difference, by choosing to walk off the beaten path and propose new alternatives to their clienteles.

These workshops are a perfect mix of creativity, intuition and business development. The key objective is to train participants’ intuitive capacities and to maximize their creative potential through the use of painting, textures and music.

Why not personalize your workshop by adding your own distinctive flare, audacity and business sense… Organize a contest whereby the best creations serve as inspiration for a special corporate collection or raise funds for your favourite social cause by selling the collection of artworks created by the participants. To ensure an overall professional quality, I could add my own artistic touch to each artwork.
Are you aware of the numerous positive impacts this type of activity may have upon your team? Creative projects significantly influence performance, motivation and commitment not only upon employees but also on your clients, present and future.

If what I am proposing peaks your interest, I would be very happy to discuss, how we can collaborate and develop together a creative project/workshop specific to the Company’s needs.

For more information or to obtain a creative workshop proposal adapted to your company’s needs, please contact me:

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